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Dr Hook

This is Doc Hook
His full name is now Robinsons Doctor Hook - #1 Stands 30" at the Shoulder



This is Bandit. We rescued him from the dog pound 1998. He had been abused so badly there was barb wire imbedded in his flesh.  

Abuse, The Story of Bandit The Dog

Hi, my name is Bandit and I'm here to tell you a story.  My master was asked to write the story, but I thought it would sound better from a dog who experienced the bad and the happy ending, so here we go.

At my old home, I was neglected so badly, I was left out in the cold for a long time and my hair was long and matted up.  I had to lay in my own waste.  I wanted so badly for someone to care for me.  When my lady love was living, this would never have taken place.    I received a large cut on my left elbow and it became so infected and no one would take care of it.  My private part became so infected I could hardly walk but the hair was so long no one would notice. 

I was taken to the animal shelter to be put to sleep but then things started to happen.  The lady at the shelter came and told me on Friday that come Monday someone would be coming to adopt me.  At first I was very excited but then I thought that when they see me they will change their mind and I will be left to die.  Waiting for Monday to come seemed so far away, then the day came and I was told my new master was here to adopt me but don't hold my breath because when he saw me he would turn around and leave.

I was brought to the front desk so I could be adopted.  When the man saw me I thought, well, he won't want me the way I looked and smelled.  As our eyes met, I saw the tears in his eyes so I just knew it was a waste of time, but then he said "well, let's go little one".  I felt like jumping for joy but I felt so bad that I would save that for later. 

My new master said he was going to take me to be groomed and I would feel so much better.  Oh by the way, I forgot to tell you my new master's name is George.  It took a total of four hours to cut and bathe me.  The next step was to take me to the vet to be treated.  As I was sitting and waiting, all these cute ladies kept coming over and petting me.  I felt like a king.  When I saw the doc, he started looking at me all over and then said my private part was as large as a grapefruit and the cut on my leg would have to have about 5 stitches but he could not touch it until we could clear up the infection in my leg and private part.  Doc gave George a lot of medicine for me to take and also on Friday he would have to do surgery and neuter me.  Now that I was not happy about.  I had had them for eight years and it would be hard giving that up.

On the way to George's house, I was so happy I jumped into his arms and stayed there until we got to my new home.  When it was time for my master to go to bed I thought no way was I going to be alone so I jumped onto the bed and there was no way I was going to get off.

From then on, every place he goes I go with him.  He told me one day that I was so much like Lucy, his other dog that passed away, that I must have been cloned in heaven to be like Lucy so I could make him happy again as he was so sad.  I will never leave his side - ever.  Everyone should have a master like mine.  Before I close, I forgot to tell you, he has a whole bunch of kids and friends around, but I make sure I get attention first and always from everyone.  Oh, I'm so happy.

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