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Agreement Regarding Animal Return

If for any reason, the buyer is unable to keep an animal purchased from the breeder, he, she, they agree to return the animal with itís AKC registration papers to the breeder. The breeder will attempt to resell the animal with the proceeds going to the original purchaser. Boarding, grooming, vet care and advertising expenses incurred by the breeder will be subtracted from the price for which the animal sells. Often there is no possibility of a resale but the breeder will place the animal in an approved home. The buyer agrees not to sell the animal to any third party.

Remember, the fuzzy little puppy you are taking home today will grow up to be a large animal. The dog will require a lifetime of feed, love and vet care.

Sometimes circumstances may occur which prevent continued ownership of an animal, such as moving, divorce or allergies. In these cases the breeder agrees to accept the return of the animal with the stipulations listed above.

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