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Additional Instructions

Many times I get calls from “Puppy Parents” about various behavior problems.

These pups are so cute and friendly that discipline seems cruel. Not at all.

In fact, one of my breeder friends includes a piece of 2 x 4 (painted gold) with each pup. That is a joke – sort of. These animals have hard heads and must be corrected early. At the slightest sign of guarding food, toys, etc., the punishment must be swift and consistent. These guys are not guarding sheep and don’t need to repel danger.

Make sure everyone in the family is on the same page with doing correction. Just like in raising children – if one parent is soft and another harsher, nothing gets done. The animal will exploit this from the earliest age. At about 4 months, you will see attempts by the pup to rule YOU.

Remember when you told the two-year-old not to touch something and the child kept looking at you out of the corner of their eye? This time there are four paws to get into trouble. That is why I encourage going to class and having a trainer come into the home. I know you are thinking I’m a big meanie, but if YOU aren’t tough, your PUP will be.

There are excellent training books. I think I’ve encouraged everyone to buy “How To Raise A Puppy You Can Live With” by Clarice Rutherford and David H. Neil. This book tells what is going on in the pup’s mind month by month so you can stay one step ahead.

There are also good books and tapes by Barbara Woodhouse. She is an English dog trainer and some of her words are silly but she gets the job done. When we lived in England, no one was outdoors on Sunday afternoons. We were all watching Barbara and her dogs being trained and doing “walkies.”

I also recommend books by the monks of Skye as they train shepherds. I think they’re a little too tough for Old English Sheep Dogs, but whatever works!

I’m always available for consultation but I’m not a behaviorist, so there really are better sources if it’s an odd problem. But I’m always available to give input if it helps.

Now go and enjoy your pup!

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