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Various Puppy Information

Your contract gives a specified time for you to see your Vet. By all means do that. Always take a stool sample when you visit your Vet. Heís going to charge you for an office call anyway and this is a good thing to do. Even with worming, puppies sometimes get worms (ugh!) so have the Vet check.

Your puppy has been started on heartworm medication. This is a terrible disease carried by mosquitoes. The medication is measured by the animalís weight, so until the puppy is grown you have to get a different pill each month or so. We like the drug Interceptor. You give it once a month and it also prevents other types of worms. We give it year round. If your Vet is progressive heíll agree to this. Most want you to give heartworm medication for seven months or so and then stop for the winter. Then they have to test the animalís blood in the Spring ($$$) for signs of heartworms. If you give the medication year round, there is no chance of getting the disease. The few extra pills cost a lot less than the Vetís test. Good luck in dealing with the Vet on this.

Pills can be given in hamburger, Velveeta, anything that rolls up tight enough to hold them. Always look to make sure the pill didnít fall out of the goodie and end up on the ground.

You have a shot schedule to take to your Vet. He may progress slightly differently but this is the NUMBER of inoculations you need. Rabies vaccine can now be given at 16 weeks. You must have current shots to go to any classes.

Until shots are completed, and even after, I suggest you stay away from dog shows, humane shelters and any nasty parks and beaches. You canít believe the number of infected animals there are out there.

Some Old English Sheep Dogs love water and some hate it. Remember, that coat will matt up as it dries.

Old English Sheep Dogs must be brushed from the skin out once a week at least. Pick your favorite TV night and donít change it. A grooming table will save your life and back. At first itís ten minutes, but make sure you get the job done. Then give a treat. The same goes for nail clipping and tooth brushing. Use dog toothpaste only and try to do it once a week. Youíll save yourself some real money later.

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