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Christmas Old English Sheepdogs

For some strange reason people associate Christmas with the acquisition of an Old English Sheepdog pet. Maybe it is the old country Yule feeling depicted in paintings or stories. Whatever the reason, people want Old English puppies at this season like no other. There isn’t a mad scramble for Boxers for Fourth of July or Cockers for Thanksgiving so this is a unique situation.

And it is VERY disturbing.

Christmas is the very worst time to get ANY puppy. There is so much confusion, too many people in the home, etc. With the best will in the world, the puppy is neglected and confused. I tell people when they take their decorations down they can think of acquiring a pet. These babies need all the concentration you can give them.

The reason we in rescue see so many animals come into rescue in the spring is that people probably went to pet stores for their Christmas puppy. They probably used a charge card and have even forgotten what the pet cost. They have not kept up the grooming or training and now both situations seem insurmountable. Most breeders keep checking on the pets they sell to make sure that there are no situations that need correction as they grow. So when there is no follow up like from a pet store sale, and the pets develop problems, the owners tend to “dump” the pet at a shelter. Usually the story that the parents tell the children is that it went to a “farm.”

Well happily many of these animals do get placed, but many have acquired habits that need much work from not only the new owners but also from professionals such as trainers and behaviorists.

These bad habits are seen as faults of the BREED when they are really the result of improper training and information on the part of the owners.

So I beg of you please research not only the breed but plan your time so that you can devote the time the pet deserves to become a perfectly socialized member of your family.

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