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Feeding Your Puppy

 A puppy is a funnel. Put something in, and something comes out. Every time. Remember this:

The puppy you receive is eating three times a day. Our schedule is 7 A.M., 2 P.M. and 9 P.M. You can adjust to your lives but a puppy needs three meals a day for several months. When you see that he is not so interested in the noon meal, skip it and go to two meals for the rest of the animalís life.

Never leave food down all day and never serve just dry kibble. You put the dish in the crate and leave it there no longer than 15 minutes. If the puppy eats it all, make more the next meal. If he leaves some, make the next meal smaller. Throw the meal to the birds or throw it away. Donít try and reserve it.

Start with a half up to a cup of dry food mixed with a spoonful of canned meat. As the puppy gets older and gets a stronger digestive system you can add leftover vegetables, meat, etc. to the kibble. Eggs (cooked only), cottage cheese and yogurt are excellent Ė never milk and no ice cream! If you get a loose stool, forget the leftovers. Use plain Kaopectate or Immodium (people style) for tummy upsets. Just pour it down the puppyís throat. It wonít hurt them. Two or three teaspoonfuls usually does the job. Repeat several times a day if needed. For drastic cases you have to feed boiled rice and boiled hamburger (drain all the grease) and that is ALL until the condition is cleared up. Never give anything that has bones.

Vets will want you to but their puppy chow Ė probably Science Diet. Just tell them you are all set. Those heavy protein growth foods are very bad for development in Old English Sheep Dogs. They can CAUSE hip and elbow problems. You want a slow, steady growth. Thatís why you use Purina Pro Plan Lamb and Rice puppy food for only four months and ADULT Max lamb and rice canned meat. They have the same green label. Sausages are good treats. Break them in half for babies and donít overdo.

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